Winter Beauty Must Haves – Bella Ella Boutique

Winter Beauty Must Haves – Bella Ella Boutique


Winter Beauty Items YOU shouldn’t have to live without.

1. Coconut Oil- This is every woman’s best friend! I am sure you have heard all about it by now, if you haven’t jumped on the Coconut Oil Train, I suggest doing it NOW! This is the perfect product for all of your wintery dryness. Here are a few things Us Bella’s use coconut oil for: Hair mask, body lotion, Shave Gel, Make up Remover, mix with sugar for a natural facial exfoliator. Try it out. You wont regret it.

2. Rose Bud Salve – this is the BEST lip balm I have ever used. You know how often you become forced into constant lip balm use to avoid chapped lips because your lips are dependent on the balm for comfort? Am I the only one with this problem? This salve can save you from overuse. I put this on every night and wake up with fresh lips every morning with no need putting chapstick on throughout the day. Seriously it is the best $8 you may spend this winter.

3. Pureology Dry Conditioner – Dry Conditioner? I am sure you have all heard and experimented with different dry shampoos to beat the “should have washed my hair yesterday” weekly routine. But Dry Conditioner? It’s a thing, and it’s hair GOLD! Winter tends to dry out hair and hair that has no moisture can become static filled, frizzy and out of control. Dry conditioner puts moisture back into your hair making it more managable and what better christmas gift than giving yourself great hair? Other moisture replacing products for hair can be found here & here.

4. Aquaphor: This is the winter weather heal all. This stuff works wonders. This is a healing ointment like vaseline, but unlike vaseline, aquaphor lets your skin breath even while it’s working. For added moisture absorption I use a small amount of aquaphor over my nightly moisturizer when my skin becomes scaly and rough. But your skin neeeever gets thaaaat dry right? It’s also a great lip balm if you’re not ready to commit to the salve.

5. Body Lotion: Hempz lotion is one of our favorite body moisturizers. It is thick in consistency so a little goes a long way and the fresh scent of the Original moisturizer won’t overtake the gloriousness of your new perfume you just can’t get enough of. Use this morning and night to keep skin fresh. If you apply lotion directly after getting out of the shower when your body is still damp your skin will lock in the moisture better and you’ll have soft skin throughout the day!

6. Foot Scrub – Keep that pedicure lasting through the chilly season with a weekly foot scrub. Peppermint Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub from The Body Shop is our favorite. Use once a week, hydrate with Hempz lotion or Coconut Oil & put your fuzzy socks on to lock in moisture. & have happy feet.

7. Facial exfoliant: Nothing is worse than your makeup being completely absorbed into your skin halfway through the day because your face is resembling the sahara desert. Don’t you worry, we’ve found the best remedy for this. Paring your nightly moisturizer and aquaphor routine with a good facial scrubbing can help you from feeling overly dry. The dilemma: if you over exfoliate too much you will encourage your skin to over produce more skin cell, which will create more build up of dead skin cells. Major bummer right? So what to do? We LOVE our clarisonic exfoliators for a gentle polish. If you’re willing to invest a little into this tiny exfoliating machine your face will thank you from the mountain tops. PSA: start using your clarisonic every other night for the first month, then go ahead an make it a daily commitment & don’t forget to moisturize after!

8. Self Tanner: In an effort to not blind the masses with our wintery white legs we encourage and, ourselves, believe in self tanner. Self tanning can be the best or the worst thing to ever happen to you. In the winter, less is more. Make sure to exfoliate well before applying, focusing on knees, ankles, elbows. Fake Bake is one of our favorite self tanners. When applying be sure to use the mit that comes with your Fake Bake (if applying any self tanner with your bare hands make sure to keep your fingers closed while applying and wash your hands IMMEDIATELY) & to extend the life of your tan keep your skin moisturized for the days following (grab that coconut oil ladies).

9. Face Mists: For that mid day moisture we’ve found having a skin mist is the best choice! No fuss over ruining makeup or messing with your mascara. With travel size bottles for your purse or make-up bag, you can’t go wrong with these. We know we can’t live without them.

Winter Beauty Must Haves – Bella Ella Boutique

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