You Go Glen Coco – Bella Ella Boutique

You Go Glen Coco – Bella Ella Boutique

You Go Glen Coco - Bella Ella Boutique

We all have Regina George to thank for this next post! Without her how would we ever know the appropriate day to wear pink? Being as it is Wednesday, “and on Wednesday’s we wear pink” we have some serious Pinkspiration for you! Check out our must have pink pieces!

1. Rose Flower Crown $8.99

2. Collette Z Pink Cubic Zirconia Rose Plated Earrings $25

3. Olivia Burton “The Hackney Watch” in Dusty Pink & Gold $79 

4. “Netflixing” Crew neck Sweater $17.99

5. Dusty Rose Drop Waist Skirt $26.00

6. Cora Double Zip Clutch $28

7. NYX Simply Pink Lip Cream $6.50

8. Nasty Gal “Follow your Kiss” Iphone 5 Case $17.50

9. Guess Babbitta Floral Pumps $99

10. Wildfox Malibu Barbie Sunnies in Pink $150

Happy Wednesday & you go Glen Coco!

You Go Glen Coco – Bella Ella Boutique

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. At Bella Ella, we believe that no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, or show up, you never give up. Clothe yourself with light, adventure, compassion and self love. Keep your heels and head high, and remember that a girl can never have too many clothes & accessories. We are obsessive about providing a tailored, empowering customer experience. Our customers love the experience & we love them. We believe in empowering women to do more, accomplish more. We believe that empowering women with confidence, and helping them feel good about themselves will inspire an attitude of ability and worth.”

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