A Styling Trick You’ve Never Heard Before

Happy Monday Bellas! Today we wanted to share one of our favorite styling tips with you. This is a fun one because it helps you turn a regular scarf into a whole new piece of clothing – no sewing required! We can guarantee people will be asking you how to recreate this look. So without further ado let’s turn your oversize scarf into a flowing, bohemian vest! This is the perfect way to start integrating your favorite scarves into your wardrobe when the weather is still a little too hot to wear them around your neck. Follow these steps and you’ll see just how easy it is!

Go from This…


To This!




Step 1:

Fold your scarf “hamburger style.”



Step 2:

Tie top two corners of open side of scarf together with a single knot.




Step 3:

Bring a piece of material across from the side opposite to the knot you made and place a little piece of material in the middle of the knot.



Step 4:

Tie another knot



Step 5:

Seperate the scarf and you will see you now have two arm holes – you made a vest!



This scarf vest looks amazing over all your light summer dresses and t-shirts. Your outfit will be instantly elevated and people will be asking you all day where you got your cute vest 😉

If you recreate this scarf trick post a picture on instagram and tag us with #bellaellastyle We would love to see how you style this vest!


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