Visual merchandisers contribute to the in-store advertising, marketing, and sales efforts by designing, developing and taking charge of the visual look of the store and its merchandise. They will execute merchandising strategies such as creating and maintaining visual displays on the sales floor and in the store windows, including table displays, wall displays, walls and racks. They also contribute to the profitability of the store with their merchandise handling, replenishment, and inventory control efforts. A minimum of 2 Saturdays must be worked every month.

What Will I Do?

Displays, Walls and Racks
-Work side-by-side with the Manager and Assistant Manager to ensure the entire store is up to the visual standards set by the company,
-Be responsible for creating and maintaining a compelling presentation of merchandise that will engage customers and help stimulate sales activity by utilizing and following the guidelines set in the “Merchandising” section of the handbook,
-Act as the store’s brand gatekeeper, ensuring that the image and style of the company is projected at all times,
-Move merchandise, shelving, and fixtures, while executing visual presentation changes (putting employee and customer safety first).
Inventory Management
-Proactively participate in inventory management. Because merchandise flow and product placement will be your primary responsibility, inventory management constitutes a vital part of your job,
-Take inventory, stock merchandise, & keep track of what sells well and what current trends we may want to follow as well as execute markdowns,
-Assist in the shipping and receiving process and ensure that merchandise is customer ready before it is placed on the sales floor. This includes proper folding of clothing, steaming and checking for damaged items.
Merchandising Training
-Take charge in training the store team about visual display standards as well as the proper maintenance of the overall visual display effort,
-Motivate other members of the store team to actively support your visual merchandising efforts by providing on-the-job training, feedback, and recognition,
-Coach the store team on the company’s product knowledge guide and current fashion trends, building their confidence in putting together outfits for customers.

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