To apply for this job, you MUST fill out this Google Form (it will only take 15-ish minutes). All applications without a filled-out Google Form will NOT be considered, which would be a bummer for you.

Do you have the marketing itch? We’re looking for a Marketing Manager who will thrive in a high-growth, fast-paced environment. We’ll give you ample training/onboarding, a flexible budget, a nimble team of marketers, and numerous opportunities to grow, be promoted, and receive pay raises. You’ll give us an MVP performance managing our myriad marketing channels (juicy details below!).

You’ll manage the four-person Marketing Team. We value long-term employment (1-2 years+; we love getting into committed relationships). Don’t worry, you can’t get bored working here, there are simply way too many fun co-workers and interesting problems to solve.

Pay is between $40,000-$55,000, depending on experience. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required. At least 2 years of marketing experience is desirable; if you don’t have that, you better send us a super slick cover letter explaining why you’re still a good candidate.

What Will I Do?

Team Management: manage a small, nimble team of marketers. Set yourself and employees up to work well as a team; properly delegate, trust employees, and divvy up work responsibilities.

SEO: On-site optimization, keyword research, link-building/PR efforts, local SEO management for 7 brick-and-mortar locations.

Facebook Ads: Keep up with FB Ads best practices and constantly be innovating and improving our ads approach.

Email Marketing: Prescribe the right blend of email content, keep up with email automation best practices, be a capable copywriter/editor to ensure email copy quality.

Social Media: Be familiar with Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest business platforms. Approach social media strategically; determine the right blend of content for each channel.

PR: Look for both local and national avenues for PR, building the local and national profile of both our brand, as well as our owner (Alisha) and CEO (Steve).

Stores: Monitor store aesthetic, supplying them with printed branding materials. Execute in-store events and work closely with District Manager to plan and execute store marketing campaigns.

Data Manipulation: You don’t need an Excel wizard, but you need to be competent enough to draw conclusions and make plans from a BUNCH of .CSV files that you’ll be exporting.

Content Creation: Make robust, year-round content creation plan, properly leveraging team’s myriad content creation skills (including your own) into consistent content effort. Manage and use freelance photographer and designer.  

Brand Direction/Strategy: Confidently develop Bella Ella brand strategy, conducting consistent research into ways to develop brand.

What Kind of Person Are You Looking For?

Enthusiasm and passion leaking out of their ears. This probably isn’t the job for you if you won’t go to bed excited for work the next day.

Rabid problem-solver. There’s literally always something that you can improve. We want someone who sees problems and finds creative, interesting ways to fix them.

Responsible and dependable. Bella Ella is our baby, and we need a dependable nanny; if you won’t give our baby the consistent love and attention that she deserves, we won’t hire you.

Independent and proactive. We’ll help give you direction, but we need someone who can find ways to help without necessarily being given a list of tasks.

Nice. We’re nice here, and we like hiring nice people ?

Resumes and cover letters should be sent to When sending your resume and cover letter, don’t bother sending something boring and rote: read and reread the job description, then send an email describing why you’re a compelling candidate and what experience/skills you have to match each aspect of the description!