We’re looking for someone who loves brick-and-mortar fashion retail with ever fiber of their being! Bella Ella Boutique has 7 locations across the Wasatch Front that need some TLC from a passionate marketer. We’ll give you learning resources, a supportive team, and ample opportunities to grow, be promoted, and receive pay raises. You’ll give us an MVP performance in completely revamping our brick-and-mortar marketing efforts.

We’re more than just a small boutique; we’re a fast-growing, multimillion-dollar company with a large local and national footprint. We’re growing quickly, and succeeding in this position will make you an integral part of our company; this is your chance to make your mark!

Pay is $9-$13/hr, DOE.

You MUST fill out the following Google form to apply for the job. Without filling out the form, we will NOT consider you for employment. Read the rest of this page, and then fill out the form here:

Job Description

  • Frequently visit the stores (at least once a month to each store) to manage the store aesthetics/decor (e.g. signage, decorations, shelves, paint, mannequin outfits, window display design, etc.). In determining the direction of our store aesthetics/decor, work closely with the marketing team, our owner, our stores’ District Manager, and the individual managers of each of the 7 stores.
  • Work with each individual store manager to create a schedule of buzz-worthy events at each of the 7 stores. Plan and execute the promotion of these events. Prepare, set up, and attend the events themselves.
  • Create store-focused content for social media/email/other distribution (e.g. pictures of the best in-store deals, a fun video profile of store employees and customers, a sneak peek at new arrivals before they leave our warehouse, etc.).
  • Create mutually beneficial relationships with other local businesses (e.g. food trucks to be used at events)
  • Manage our online reviews for locations (e.g. Google, Facebook, Yelp). Really make an effort to drive more positive reviews, respond to individual reviews (both positive and negative), solicit reviews from current customers, etc.
  • Head up local PR efforts: be our liaison with local news sources and bloggers and make efforts to get us featured around the Wasatch Front.

What Kind of Person Are We Looking For?

  • Enthusiasm and passion leaking out of their ears. This probably isn’t the job for you if you won’t go to bed excited for work the next day.
  • Strong interest in fashion retail. We want you to be always thinking about cool new window displays and fun new promotions.  
  • Responsible and dependable. Bella Ella is our baby, and we need a dependable nanny; we if you won’t give our baby the consistent love and attention that she deserves, we won’t hire you.
  • Independent and proactive. We’ll help give you direction, but we need someone who can find ways to help without necessarily being given a list of tasks.
  • Previous experience in fashion retail. It’s not ABSOLUTELY necessary, but we’d prefer if you’ve worked in fashion retail, even if your experience is limited.  
  • Nice. We’re nice here, and we like hiring nice people ?