There are some fashion mistakes that make you cringe. They’re perfectly avoidable and easily spotted. For any self-respecting fashionista, there’s no excuse to commit one of these blunders.

Everyone has their personal pet peeves, but we wanted to know what leading fashionistas consider to be really egregious. So we asked 11 leading bloggers what they think are the worst fashion faux pas of women’s fashion.

If you really want your fashion to shine, avoid these mistakes!

Sydney Sadick Fashion Faux Pas

“This ranges from a fitted dress being so tight that it shows your undergarments, to wearing pants that are too long, to even wearing shoes where your heels are popping out at the back. Always wearing your size is key. Investing in a great tailor!”

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Coley Harrison Fashion Faux Pas

“You are uniquely you, no matter the season. Wear the trends. Don’t let the trends wear you.” |  1462411143_facebook_social_media_online 1462411155_instagram_social_media_online

Kimberly Kong Fashion Faux Pas

“There’s seriously nothing tackier! Great style isn’t about label-whoring. You don’t need to drop a ton of cash to look amazing!  Whether you spend $20 or $2000, it’s all about styling.” | 1462411148_twitter_social_media_online 1462411155_instagram_social_media_online 1462411143_facebook_social_media_online

Kat Haselkorn Fashion Faux Pas

“If you’re miserable in the outfit you’re wearing, you’re less likely to feel good about yourself. It’s important to move freely throughout the day. There are plenty of fashion-forward outfits that are cute and comfortable.” | 1462411155_instagram_social_media_online 1462411148_twitter_social_media_online 1462411143_facebook_social_media_online

Devoraux Walton Fashion Faux Pas

“Pants should keep underclothes fully covered. The modern, fashionable woman is tasteful and chic in her appearance and demeanor.” | 1462411143_facebook_social_media_online 1462411148_twitter_social_media_online 1462411155_instagram_social_media_online 1462411167_pinterest_social_media_online

Candice Hanna Fashion Faux Pas

“Ladies, we all have to do it.  I’m talking about thin or carrying a few extra pounds, long or short, the right undergarments make all the difference. For example, if you’re going to wear the bodycon dress, let’s avoid panty lines, or even worse, thong lines. Opt for the boy short, Spanx, or anything else that’ll smooth you out!” | 1462411155_instagram_social_media_online 1462411143_facebook_social_media_online

Dawnn Karen Fashion Faux Pas

“Let’s face it, some of us wear heels daily. One should make it a part of their bi-weekly routine to take their shoes to the shoe repair.” | 1462411155_instagram_social_media_online 1462411148_twitter_social_media_online 1462411143_facebook_social_media_online

Mariana Leung Fashion Faux Pas

“This stitch has the same purpose as blazer pockets that are tacked shut for shipping or stores that move the fabric content label to the sleeve. These are meant to be removed as soon as you take the jacket or skirt home.” | 1462411143_facebook_social_media_online 1462411167_pinterest_social_media_online 1462411148_twitter_social_media_online 1462411155_instagram_social_media_online



“Especially with knits but with woven fabrics too, a proper bra that fits without creating rolls of flesh and underwear that doesn’t show are key. Shapewear is a must.” | 1462411148_twitter_social_media_online 1462411155_instagram_social_media_online 1462411143_facebook_social_media_online



“The biggest fashion mistake is for a woman to get all glammed up and end up
with a junky hair tie around her wrist. It literally ruins every outfit, no matter how cute!”

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Sydney Sadick Fashion Faux Pas

I often cringe when I see women wear heels at the airport. Not only is it uncomfortable and borderline dangerous, but also, who are they trying to impress? Unless you’re running from baggage claim to a wedding, this is just excessive.

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