Content Marketing Assistant

We’re looking for someone who loves designing, creating, writing, and collaborating with affiliates! We’ll give you creative freedom, learning resources, and a really supportive team; you’ll give us an MVP performance in completely revamping our content marketing efforts.

We’re more than just a small boutique, we’re a fast growing multimillion-dollar company. Succeeding in this position will make you an integral part of our company; this is your chance to make your mark!

You MUST fill out the following Google form to apply for the job. Without filling out the form, we will NOT consider you for employment. Read the job description, and then fill out the form here

What Kind of Person Are We Looking For?

  • Recent marketing experience is preferred, but not required.
  • Track record of enthusiastically seeking out and adding new skills.
  • Strong interest in marketing content creation.
  • Responsible and dependable.
  • Ability to think independently and find ways to help without necessarily being given a list of tasks.
  • Nice. We’re nice here, and we like hiring nice people 🙂

What Skills are We Looking For (Ranked in Order)

Content Creation

  • Use skills in graphic design and writing to create compelling, shareable pieces of content. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.
  • Constantly be thinking of and presenting new ideas for content.
  • Work with the rest of the marketing team to best promote content across a variety of marketing channels (Email, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bella Ella’s Blog, Reddit, and others).
  • Build relationships with editors of prominent websites and blogs to get our content featured on other sites in order to drive traffic and build links to Bella Ella’s site.


  • Write creative, fun guest posts that can be used to feature Bella Ella on other websites.
  • Be capable of writing very concise, compelling, short copy for Facebook Ads, product descriptions, e-mails, our website, etc.
  • Follow the conventions of proper grammar. If you’re going to apply, please, please, please be up to speed on apostrophe usage, correct capitalization of titles, and avoidance of passive voice 🙂
  • Be willing to change your writing voice based on the medium/situation.

Affiliate Collaboration

  • Create (basically from the ground up) our approach and long-term affiliate strategy with fashion bloggers and social media influencers.
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with affiliates; we offer a 10% cut of all sales they drive to our site, rather than paying a flat fee for their promotions. We need someone who’s good at relationship building and can help affiliates see that this structure is eventually more profitable than a simple flat fee structure.
  • Constantly be searching for opportunities with new affiliates and influencers.

Other Duties

We have a hustling & bustling Marketing Department where we’re all forced to wear different hats at different times; your main job responsibilities will pertain to content creation and affiliate collaboration, but you will certainly end up having to help with emails, social media, print marketing, graphic design, and other fun stuff.